About the bureau
Welcome to the official website of the Associate Bureau of Lawyers
„Ariadna Dodi & Gheorghe Iudin”

In the Republic of Moldova, an Associate Bureau of Lawyers represents a form of association of two or more lawyers holding the license of the Ministry of Justice.

This, according to the Law Regarding the Advocacy, lawyers may carry out their professional activity sui juris, whereas the organizational, administrative, and financial issues are settled by common approbation within the framework of the bureau.

Besides, in more complex cases or if a case demands a larger amount of work, the lawyers within the framework of an associate bureau may join their efforts in order to settle the case in a more rapid and efficient way.

In its turn, the Associate Bureau of Lawyers “Ariadna Dodi & Gheorghe Iudin” is founded by professional lawyers, specializing in rendering legal services in the business sphere.

We are sure that, while working with our lawyers, you will get clear and prompt answers, and our way of understanding and working will meet your expectations.


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