About the services
Consultancy in Business Affairs

Consultancy in business affairs includes a large range of services:

  • In the sphere of the internal organization of enterprises we render the services regarding:
    1. foundation, reorganization, liquidation of enterprises
    2. drafting blanks of staff position, internal service regulations regarding commercial classified information and regarding labor protection
    3. hiring and conclusion of individual contracts of employment, reduction of the staff, and dismissal from the position
    4. convening and holding general meetings of stockholders / associates, organizing sittings of committees of directors, drafting statutes and regulations (stockholders general meetings, meetings of committees of directors, auditor council regarding dividend policy)
    5. carrying out stock and bond issue
  • In the sphere of relations with business partners:
    1. consulting for conclusion of contracts, agreements, and transactions
    2. assistance, consulting, and representation at negotiations
    3. expertise of draft contracts, agreements, and transactions
    4. drafting contracts, agreements, and transactions
  • In the sphere of relations with state authorities we render services referring to:
    1. obtaining licenses of activity
    2. obtaining authorizations
    3. certification of foreign citizens, obtaining residential permits in Moldova
    4. registration of rights of intellectual property
    5. assistance and representation in relations with control authorities, including fiscal ones


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